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Art of Cart 2005 Trophy Design & Manufacturing
3D Rendering of RaceCart  
3D Rendering of Modeled Trophy Cart


Race Cart CAD Model

CAD Model generated from racing cart.

CAD Model of Molds
Layout of Tooling

Cast Race Cart
Cast trophy cart before plating

Wings for Life Charity | Art of Cart Celebrity Race Trophy

This project entailed the complete replication of an actual racing cart for use as the model on the trophy that would be handed out to the top three winners.

The event took place at the Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA. It was a charity event hosted by AEM of Austria and Wings for Life. An organization aimed towards curing spinal chord injury. The race was comprised of celebrity teams and the trophies were then autographed and sold for donations to the charity.

Final Cart Trophy
1st Place Trophy

We modeled the racing cart in 3D after which CNC machining the molds and casting the parts.

* Art Thompson (Founder of A2ZFX Inc. & Sage Cheshire Aerospace)
* Bob Wall (Founder of World Black Belt)
* Kara Wall (Actress & World Black Belt Spokesperson)
* Dan Aspesi (Owner Speed Gallery, Porche Dealership in Studio City)
* Winsor Harmon (Actor in "The Bold & the Beautiful")
* John Paul DeJoria (Founder of Paul Mitchell Products)
* Alexi DeJoria (Drag Car Racer)
* Michelle Aspesi (Furniture Store)
* Matt Dunn (Owner of Court Reporter and Secured document company)
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Actual Race Cart
Cast Trophy Line-up
Plated Trophies
Real Cart from which the trophy was modeled.
Multiple cast carts.
Plated Carts
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