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CNC Machining of F35 Tooling for Die Hard Live Free Motion Picture
Roughing Pass - Lower Surface
Finish Pass - Lower Surface Master Tool for Lower Fuselage  

F35 Scaled Model Machining - Live Free or Die Hard(2007)

Using our large gantry 5-axis CNC Mill, we created an 1/8 scale version of a Lockheed Martin, F-35 Fighter Jet. We split the wings and tail sections and machined the lower and upper fuselage seperately. We delivered a total of seven master tools from which
fiberglass mock-ups were fabricated and then used for creating the blowing up
sequences in the movie.

Motion Picture Die Hard 4
(Live Free or Die Hard)

3D CAD Model
4' x 8' x 20" High Density Urethane Foam
Epoxy Sprayed - Upper Fuselage Tool
Epoxy Sprayed - Lower Fuselage Tool
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