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CNC Machined Tooling of Cessna Bravo for Shooter(2007)
Cessna Bravo in Shooter - (2007) Motion Picture  

CNC Milling of Female Tooling & Molds for Cessna Bravo featured in Shooter(2007) Motion Picture

Cessna Bravo CAD Modeling & CNC Machining

Taking a series of pictures from a local airport of the plane to use as reference in the complete creation of the 3D CAD model of the Cessna Bravo private jet. After which followed CNC machining of the master tools out of high-density urethane foam that was later finished with epoxy primer. Given the low-quantity production run, this was an affordable option as opposed to creating high-temperature composite tooling which would require an extra process that we provide for projects with larger quantity runs.

This particular project was for the movie "Shooter" with Mark Wahlburg. It was to be used for a scene where the cessna was shot down in mid air. Unfortunately, the studio decided to cut the scene in the final editing stages.

Often times, our clients may provide 3D data that may not have the surface integrity desired, such as a low-polygon-count mesh file or scanned data that may need to be refined. We can work from 2D drawings or even just conceptual sketches to develop precise 3D, CAD and Engineered data.

Cessna Bravo Photograph
Photograph reference amongst others

CAD Model of Cessna Bravo
Cessna Bravo CAD Model

Surface Analysis on Model
Surface analysis on outer shape
Cessna Drawing
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CNC Machining Fuselage
Machining Fairings
Machined Tooling
Machining Fuselage from High Density Urethane Foam
Tail Section Fairings
Finished Molds ready to be coated with epoxy.
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