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CNC Hot Wire Cutting, Architectural Foam Details, EPS Foam Cutting for Tooling, Sculptures & Advanced Surfaces
CNC Hot Wire Foam Cutting  


CNC Hot Wire Cutting with Rotary 4th axis. Cutting multi-density EPS foam for Sculptures, Architectural Foam Details, Tooling & Molds and other various applications.

Our combination of CNC machines allows us to utilize each for it's strengths. This is beneficial for our clients who can see the difference in their budget and timeframe.
We Utilize HotWire Cutting Technology to create limitless forms as well as creating rough forms for large to small objects which can later be machined for further detailing and sculpting.

The HotWire Station has a cutting area of 6' x 16' and a height of 4' feet. A rotary 4th axis for revolves and complex shapes.

Material: EPS Foam
Area: 6X 16'Y 4'Z
Cutting at 55"/min (140 cm/min) and rapid moves at 1,200"/min (3048 cm/min)
Two 8'-4" (254 cm) long wires double production output
Wire lengths between 2' (61 cm) and 16'-4" (498 cm) long

Cutting Rocket Fuselage Master tool
Aerospace Tooling - Foam Cuttting
Rocket Plane Fusolage Master Tool

Architectural Foam Cutting
Architectural Foam Columns Hot Wire Cut
EPS Foam Block ready for Cutting
Male Tooling plug for Master Mold Making.

Bonded Foam before glassing stage.
Glassed & Primered Tooling Plug
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