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Exile Cycles After Market Seat Cover Reverse Engineering, CAD, CNC Tooling & Parts
3D Rendering of Motorcycle Part  

Exile Cycles Seat Cover Reverse Engineering, CAD Design, CNC Machining & Vacuum Forming.

Utilizing Digitizing Technology, we have the capability to accurately reverse engineer from existing products such as cars, motorcycles, boats, and others that may require after market or custom parts. In this case, we digitized the motorcycle frame to get the point cloud data, from which we created the CAD Model.

CNC Machining
The logical first step was to machine the first mold out of inexpensive EPS foam to verify shape and fit. After trimming, and fitting, we made desired modifications to the model and machined the final tool from epoxy tooling board.

Our fabrication facility houses several vacuum forming / thermal forming tables for small to large production jobs.

CNC Machined Vacuum Form Tool

CNC machined vacuum form tool
After shape revisions

Tool before Revisions

Tool before shape revisions

EPS Foam Test Cut
Machined EPS foam for shape verification

Seat Cover 4 view drawing

Vacuum Formed Prototype
Additional Fitting
Revised Shape
Prototype Assembly
Trimming part for adjustments
Revised Shape for production - color will vary
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