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Reverse Engineering through Large Format Digitizing & 3D Laser Scanning to accurately create 3D models and surfaces for After Market Production, Modification, and Archiving purposes.

Utilizing a large envelope of 21'X x 11'Y x 4'Z to digitize large scale items such as cars, boats, statues, large aerial vehicle parts & assemblies amongst others to accurately create surfaces and point cloud data from which 3D CAD models and surfaces can be created.

3D Laser Scanning

We offer 3D Digital Scanning to capture exact surface features and colors for use and manipulation in a wide variety of computer programs including 3d parametric modelers and CNC machining processes. Our Laser based scanner and its CCD sensor accumulates 300,000 points per second and is accurate to 0.008mm. His digital scanning ability allows us to perfectly reference any existing physical form with no limitation on size and shape. We also offer mobile digital scanning to accommodate reference material that is non-movable such as large architectural elements or difficult to schedule subjects such as celebrities. As with all of our services, rapid turnaround times are possible.

Include but not limited to the following applications:

• Vehicle body features for reference in aftermarket accessory development
• Section of aircraft for surface modifications
• Original sculptures and industrial forms for purpose of exact reproduction, enhancement, scaling, or archiving.
• Live human and animal models
• Architectural elements and historical details for reproduction or archiving
• Fine art and paintings for security indentification and digital signature of form & color
• Petra glyphs and ancient art forms at their location
• Body and foot forms for use in custom sportswear creation

3D Laser Scanning

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