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Woodward West CNC Machined Skate Ramp Logos

Woodward West - Red Bull™ Skate Ramps

Camp Woodward Sponsored Ramp Logos

Used in the legendary Woodward West Skating Complex and featured in the Show "Camp Woodward", our CNC Machined Skate Ramps have taken quite the ride. Sponsored by Red Bull, the large scale logos were Routed Inlays that were later installed in the overall complex.

Large Scale Machining

Another great use of a large cutting area was for creating the branding and skate floor that would be placed in a skating competition. The logo was cut in several color variations for multiple ramps.

Smaller Logo Inlay

Logo Inlay After Routing
32' tail to tail - Skate Ramp Logo Inlay

Woodward West Machined Ramp
Smaller Inlay CNC Machined Logo

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Seperate Logo Pieces
Assembled Large Logo Inlay
Split Sections of Logo
32' Large version displayed parts
12' version inlayed into background
Split Sections of Bull & Sun
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