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Large Gantry CNC Routing Station


CNC Routing on Large Format Milling Station

Our Large Gantry CNC Mill is also utilized for creating custom cabinetry, furniture, signage, and more. Taking advantage of the 21' x 11' of cutting area, we are able to meet fast turn-arounds by minimizing setup times and increasing efficiency.


• 20'Y x 11'X x 4'Z
• 18,000 RPM
• 500" Inches/Min.
• Automatic Tool-Changing


• Hard/ Soft Woods
• Composites, Fiberglass, Carbon Fiber
• Acrylics, Polycarbonates, ABS Plastic, etc.
• Aluminum Sheet & Plates

Bellanote Cocktail Bar - Back Lit Front Panel (Below)

Machining 3/8" frosted acrylic panel for a portable cocktail bar project. Routing out the grooves and restaurant logo after which painting the colors and finish.


Machined Aluminum Plate & Acrylic
Machined Custom Cabinet components
from .5" thick aluminum plate and 1" acrylic

Plush Las Vegas - Serving Counter
Acrylic with burch, back-lit, Countertop

acrylic panel cnc routing
acrylic front panel fabrication
Bellanote Backlit front panel
Acrylic Machining
Hand Fabrication & Finish
Final Back-lit Front Panel for Cocktail Bar
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