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CustomNC offers CNC milling on a very large format 20'L x 11'W x4'H which can create machined masters, molds, tooling and negative forms in a variety of materials.

Providing 5 axis 3D Machining to create complex shapes & surfaces. Sculptural and industrial forms with a high degree of intricate detail can be created in infinite size variations with no limit to final size. This approach gives us the ability to provide faster turn-around times without compromising quality or accuracy.

5 axis Large Gantry
CNC Milling & Routing Station

Felix Baumgartner -
CNC Machined Upper Body

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Cutting Materials

• High/Low Density Urethane Foam
• EPS Foam
• Epoxy Tooling Board
• Aluminum
• Composites

• Acrylics, Polycarbonates, Plastics
• Hard/Soft Woods

• Nylon, ABS,
• Fiberglass, Carbon Fiber

Applications & Industries

• Aerospace: Tooling, Molds, Masters
• Automotive: Aftermarket Production,
master tooling, OEM parts & tools.
• Architectural
• Commercial
• Fine Art, Sculptures, Statues

• Film & Television, Props, Sets
• Industrial
• Marine: Tooling & Composites

Roughing Pass for F35 in Die Hard Live Free
F35 CNC Machining Upper Plug
f35 upper tooling
Machining 12'L x 5'W x 2'HF 20lbs high density
urethane foam for F-35 Upper Fuselage

Pre-Finish Pass for Upper Fuselage
Epoxy sprayed tooling plug for creating Master Molds for F-35 Mockup.
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