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Uhaul Sports Trailer Master Tooling

Developed and fabricated a master plug, Master molds and high temperature production vacuum forming manifold tools. The final trailer is completely formed from thermal formed ABS plastic and weighs less than 500 pounds. About 14,000 trailers were produced.

This lightweight and aerodynamic cargo trailer adds easy-to-tow extra space and convenience to any vehicle. The U-Haul Sport TrailerĀ® gives you extra room on road trips, vacations, back-to-school trips, camping trips and much more. Even the smallest car can tow the lightweight Sport Trailer. Its sleek design and low profile effectively minimize wind resistance, maximize driver maneuverability and visibility, and improve the towing vehicle's fuel economy. Yet the Sport Trailer can carry about three times what you can fit in the trunk space of a midsize car, or about the same as a pickup truck bed.


Master Tooling for Upper Shell

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