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Mini Cooper Cut off top, ready for
reinforcement parts to be added.

Assembled Fiber Glass Hatch Cover with Built in Ice Coolers, reday for Can to be mounted.

Preperation & Paint for Fiberglass Cans

Painted and Branded Can ready for mounting.


Red Bull Mini Cooper

"From cutting the roof to applying the decals, our trained and certified staff are ready to make your next vehicular project a success!"

There's just something fun about cutting the roof off of a brand new vehicle. The Mini is the small Can Car with a lot of room inside. Eight years in development, it utilizes a refrigerated system in the rear and has a limo rear window. The custom fiber glass back hatch along with the can are some of the features that show our full composite capabilities.

The Can is made from a two part mold with an epoxy wet layup. Then it is cured, painted, branded and assembled on to the vehicle all inside our multi-complex units housing each department with it's specific needs such as climate control, clean rooms for composites, spray booths, controlled rooms & so forth.

Multilple Finished Mini Coopers
Mini in Hawaii
Minis in New York
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